Responsible Response
Referendum 301

Where the Citizens Veto Senate Bill 554

Frequenty Asked Questions

We have answers.

How many signatures do you need?

It takes 74,680 signatures to put a referendum on the ballot in November 2022.

When do you have to turn in signatures by?

Signatures have to be turned in by September 25, but please get your signature sheets in quickly so we can process them.

I see you have the downloadable single-signer eSheets on your website. Weren't these made illegal?

Here are the rules:

We can put these on our web page, where the bill is available for all to read and then if a voter likes it, they can download a single signer petition for themself and sign it and mail it in. Or, if their aunt Matilda can't really operate a printer or is out of toner, she can ask someone to download it for them.

You'll notice that when you sign these now, you have to sign twice: Once that you agree with the initiative and once that you swear that you printed it out for yourself or asked someone to do it, and it wasn't just some guy standing on a street corner in the middle of the forest in Harney County mumbling something about free beer and puppies and kittens.

I have completed sheets. Where do I send them to?

Responsible Response
2570 Greenwood Road S.
Independence, OR 97351

I am from the media and I want to speak with someone from the campaign. How can I contact you?

How do they come up with the number 74,680 signatures needed to get this initiative on the ballot?

It's a math equation in the Oregon Constitution, which calls for 4% of the turnout in the last election for Governor

This was the result of the last election for Governor:

Aaron Auer21,145
Nick Chen29,927
Kate Brown934,498
Knute Buehler814,988
Patrick Stearnes53,392
Chris Henry11,013

Doing the math, you take 4% of 1,866,997 and you get 74,680